URGENT…… need advice……….terribly upset……..


Sorry if this is a double post, I am having trouble with the computer. It’s been a week or two, I think, since I last posted….

My husband finally spoke with MMI (Money Management International – we got their contact information from a booklet put out by the US Government). Anyway, they tell him that AMEX will not work with them. Is this true?? The other debts can be repaid with a payment of $860.00 per month, once the interest rate has been adjusted to 6%.

We are in New York State.

My husband does not want to file for bankruptcy. He does, however, seem to want me to pay AMEX the 16K. Apparently MMI will not work with my husband on the other debts unless this happens first. I already paid, in 2001, 40K worth of credit card debt. This will bring the total up to 56K. I don’t understand why he is doing this to our family.

I am already coping with an autistic (non-verbal) six year old son….I trusted my husband to handle the financial stuff while I looked after our two boys and this is what happens….. I am so sick and depressed of it all I cannot tell you…. Any advice, input, feedback would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

More than debt is playing out here. I’m sorry, but he is doing this to you, because he has been allowed to do this to you. I know it is not my business, but I would re-evaluate your whole relationship here. Debt is seemingly only a part of the trouble. You are feeling betrayed and helpless. You know, you can file bk separate from your husband.

Thanks for your message; I appreciate it. He says it’s because his income is short 5000-6000 for the area we are living in and because I am not working. Childcare for our autistic son would be problematic and would likely cancel out whatever income I made, if I was working outside the home.

He doesn’t buy “stuff” (consumer goods) and doesn’t (from what I can tell) have any expensive habits I am not aware of.

He says he doesn’t tell me things because he knows it will upset and depress me (and this sort of situation does depress me).

I have always wanted to work with him to live within our income, but (as he says) he is not willing to live on macaroni and cheese.

Now I have to get the children ready for school and act like everything’s normal. Thanks for your response……

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