In a way, he is hiding from the facts

In a way, he is hiding from the facts. YOU bailed him out before, and he’s looking to you to do it again. Nothing much will change until you go ‘on strike’ and make him see there are consequences to his actions. If he throws it at you to go to work again, perhaps you should. Let HIM stay with the autism and all. If not, just remind him you DID work, and what did he think got him out of the last jam he was in, your looks? This guy is being an evasive, non-supporter in this regard.

I figured that when I read in another of her posts that her husband gives her a $40.00 weekly ‘Allowance” (while e is still expecting her to bail him out?!!??). Uh, 1940’s called, they want their sentiments back.

Have you thought perhaps you are enabling your husbands bad behavior? If so, you are making it impossible for him to change. Do what is best for you and your children, even if it means leaving him and staying with your parents til you can figure out a plan. I am not questioning whether or not you love him, but show some tough love! It doesn’t make any sense to be dragged down by someone elses irresponsibility! You could have a formal, legal contract written up to charge interest even.

First off HUGE HUGS. Secondly I have been where you are and so understand. I dealt with this kind of behavior for 11 years and I could not take it anymore. Living paycheck to paycheck. Now we both worked and I got paid weekly / No kids in daycare / all kids were in school. He thought that money grew on trees and would spend it on whatever he wanted , I finally took away all banking stuff adn did it myself. He had an allowance of 50.00 a week and always was broke by Tue. I sat down and created a budget and told him either you stick to it or I am out of here.

I have been happpliy divorced for 4 years now and am doing better. Dont get me wrong it was tough adn still is at times. BUT I manage the money adn I pay the bills.

Maybe sit down and show him ALL that is paid every month. I wish you good luck and if you need to vent or complain or just talk and I will listen.

Does he know autism is carried on the y chromosome? Which means it came from him?

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