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I think my asking him to repay the money

I think my asking him to repay the money would make me feel (somewhat, but not much) better about having to give AMEX 16K. You’re right…I have no way to ensure compliance. I can’t sue him like AMEX would.

Right now he gives me an allowance of $40.00 per week (this I save up for Christmas presents, birthday presents, clothing – most of what I buy for myself is used – Salvation Army or charity shops….most of the children’s clothing is gifts from relatives). If this were increased to $100.00 per week the debt would be discharged in 160 weeks, three years and two weeks.

Our rent is $1425. The payment (excepting AMEX) will be, he tells me, $860. per month. The car, he tells me, will be paid off in October, so that should free up some funds. He tells me that MMI will charge a flat fee of $90.00 to take the case (but that AMEX has to be paid off first since they will not deal with anyone).

I have told my husband in just this language that I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel secure, I feel a terrible sense of insecurity and hopelessness about the future (the way things stand). I have asked him if he loves me and the children and he says that he does.

It’s difficult enough for me as it is, dealing with my own mood problems (depression, stress) and with my older son’s difficulties (which are challenging….I never thought I’d be hearing from a teacher that my son tried to bite someone…..). I am really heartbroken sometimes and it feels so difficult right now.

I’m hoping for a sea change, a total change, in my husband’s attitudes towards me, towards money, and the responsibility (I feel) he should take for his actions/inactions and, first and foremost do his utmost to take care that this doesn’t happen again….and that our financial future and security should be a priority for him.

Thanks for listening. It really does help me.

Going to court may not be the worst option

Going to court may not be the worst option. I am head over heels in debt, really I am bankrupt.

One of my creditors has brought a judgment against me for a medical bill of 5K. I have to go to court in a couple of weeks. I am in the process of making a list for the judge of all my debts and current payments. This includes a student loan in default which has grown from 35k to 43k since un/under employed; however, I do make very small payments on this loan (less than $50 a month although it grows by $300 a month because of interest. In court I intend to explain my state of bankruptcy to the judge and offer the creditor a small payment. There is no other option. The only other possible solution is applying for a personal loan with fast and almost guaranteed approval from websites like or – these are the best, but you may also google for more.

What I am trying to say is: If you go to court and explain what that agency did and ask to maintain your current payment plan, it may well work.

Also, what that agency did is called bait and switch. You were lured into a payback plan and then the terms were switched. I had a dentist doing this to me once. I had expensive dental work done and she agreed to a payment plan. The dentures were made and I still owed money. She did not want to release the denture and insisted on full payment. Luckily I was able to get a lawyer; It only took one visit. The lawyer wrote a letter to the dentist pointing out the “bait and switch”. The upshot: I got my dentures and did not have to pay the balance. That dentist did not want legal trouble. There must be Federal agencies that deal with illegal collection practices, consumer protection agencies. You may want to contact your state attorney’s office to see what they have to offer re: consumer protection.

Good luck!

I just feel really disappointed too

I just feel really disappointed too. I don’t think I can file for bankruptcy. I do have some assets from when I was working (401K, Childrens college funds, opened when they were born) so I’m not sure how that would help.

He says he doesn’t tell me things because it makes me upset and depressed and I stop talking to him for awhile.

I have this terrible sense of fear and terror (which my husband feels is unjustified…..he says “it is only money”) and I wonder whether we can really afford our groceries and I’m watering the milk down already and I worry that I won’t be able to afford the vitamin supplements for our autistic son.

Then he says maybe he should stay at home and I should go to work (I was in work, for 10+ years before we married) and see how hard it is.

I’ve kept this from my parents for a long while, but I really need to speak to them, I think. Not for advice, and certainly not for financial help, but so that they know what I am going through here.

I just hate to see the nest egg I saved over ten years swallowed up by his lack of foresight and planning.

I’ve been thinking, maybe, I might feel better about loaning him the money with the stipulation and a formal agreement that he would pay it back to me at the rate of $100.00 per week (for three years). Could this work, do you think??