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If working out something with them was an option

Believe me, if working out something with them was an option I would have done it months ago. I have no money to give them and they are only one of few creditors I owe money to.

They know where I am(they have always had my phone and address, I’ve never made it a secret), so why would they hire someone to find me? Like I mentioned to another person, this is one of a few creditors I have on my back. If I had the money to work with them, I would. I’m sorry I’m being a bit snippy. But, I have been writing about my situation for some time and obviously none of you have taken the time to read any of it, because if you had, you would know that working with them is not an option for me. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money.

It’s a great thought to be able to work with them, and believe me I would if I could. It’s not a matter of taking responsibility, the money is just NOT there. I had a very decent interest rate with them and was making payments up until my husband ran into a cut in pay with his job in December. So, as much as your plan sounds great and all, unless money were to start growing on trees, it’s not helpful to me at all. Thanks anyway.

Are you a new member? I’m just surprised nobody was kind enough to pass along this enough when I was asking about it weeks ago. In fact, the whole concept was suggested by people in this blog, even when I explained I was dealing with the original creditors.