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Your best bet would be to try and work with them

Your best bet would be to try and work with them. I did this at one point with MBNA and they were more than willing to work with me. They dropped the interest rate and did not charge me any late payment fees or overlimit fees for almost 2 years. I agreed to make biweekly payments to them and they didn’t even mind when I changed the amount to a higher payment just to get this monkey finally off my back. I was very embarrassed by my lack of responsibility and thought that they would never want to even think about helping me work out a plan, but they were more than willing to. It took me over 2 years to pay off a $9000 debt, but i did, and it was such a nice feeling.

I then paid off another debt that was over $3000 and that is gone now and I don’t use credit cards at all. I have one payment now and that is my car payment, which thanks to a new job, I am able to afford to pay more on each month (which I just started to do) and that will make a big difference in the amount of interest paid and the car should be paid off at least a year ahead of schedule.

It took a big hard slap of reality for me to finally take responsibility, but I did and it sure does feel great!

Best advice, work with them. What’s the worst they can say to you, “NO”? Be persistent if they do say no! If they know that you want to work with them, that is a plus for you and they will most likely help you out.

Send the cease and desist letter to any collection agencies along with a copy of the one you sent the original credit company. Tell them they are breaking the law – which they are. By questioning people about you, they are intimating bad things which is slander.