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Old medical debt

I have a medical debt that is > 2 ½ years old. It was turned over to collection 63 days after past due. I have told the collection company by mail that no money was available. Now another agency contacts me wanting the full amount. I talked with and agent yesterday and offered a 38 to 40% full payoff via my extended family. I told her I received this information via the Dave Ramsey program. Her response was I will talk to them and get back with you. Is this the appropriate path?

I’m on a personal crusade against hospitals since they did a lousy job on my mom and are trying to charge her in the grave. I had to deal with a Catholic hospital and asked them what kind of Catholics they were to gouge people who couldn’t pay their bills. I got the typical bureaucratic response.

Don’t be too surprised if US Bank continues to call your family

Don’t be too surprised if US Bank continues to call your family, friends and neighbors in their attempts to locate you, even after you send a cease and desist letter.

Note that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is not applicable to those parties collecting their own debt. The FDCPA is applicable only to third parties (collection agencies) and lawyers. In your case, it appears that the creditor is collecting their own debt, therefore a cease and desist letter will have little, if any, impact.

Have you attempted to work with these people? You might be able to get them to agree to settle the account for something substantially less than what you owe. A cease and desist letter will not influence them to work something out with you.. Many bankers would much rather work with someone that reaches out for help than with someone that refuses positive communications.

At the very least, the good news is that they haven’t yet written you off, and are trying to locate you, probably to try and work something out before sending it to a collection agency\attorney.

Good Luck!